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The Nutrient Film Technique Explained


Nutrient film technique is one of the most advanced and innovative ways to grow hydroponic gardens, but it doesn't always get talked about a lot. Some people really don't have any clue about what this is and how to use it. It sounds kind of technical, but the idea is simple -- so read up a little bit about nutrient film technique, and you might end up using this in your own hydro setup.

The general idea for nutrient film technique is that plants rest on trays where their root systems get exposed to very shallow channels of water. This is done in order to provide proper oxygenation for plant roots while still getting sufficient amounts of nutrients to plants. This shallow volume of water is run constantly through the channels, so the pumps are always working. In terms of flow, some experts recommend something like 1 liter per minute.

With nutrient film technique, growers can be sure that plants will get a consistent supply of nutrients. The have to micromanage the addition of nutrients, as well as monitoring pH value, because something called “pH drift” often happens in nutrient film technique systems. As nutrients get added to the water, that leads the pH value to change, and it can go beyond the range that's optimal for plants. Growers can use simple pH up and pH down solutions to control pH value.

One of the biggest things to look out for in nutrient film technique systems is pump problems. Because the pumps don't get a break, they're more likely to wear out or run down and experience sudden malfunctions. In general, growers will have to make sure the pumps are well rated and durable so that they can handle the demands that are put on them.

Interested in a nutrient film technique system? These systems are specially designed to facilitate proper water flow, with trays and frames for plant pots to sit in. At Dealzer, we have these systems available for sale along with other types of hydroponic systems like deep water culture and ebb and flow systems. We can sell you specialized nutrient film technique systems that allow for these less labor-intensive setups. We also have all of the accessories and gear that you'll need, from lighting to nutrients and more. Take a look on the site and make sure to check out our social media spaces and other places where we offer a supply of information for beginning growers.

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