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The top 5 most popular products on Dealzer.com


At Dealzer, we have a ton of stuff online. So what are people are actually buying off of the site?

Here are the five top products that are currently trending right now.

Cash Crop System

This stealth grow box is a big seller. It features an easy access design, interior reflective material and lots of other features for growing robust harvests. It's one of the smaller compact grow boxes on the market, but one that is extremely popular with today's growers.

Grandma’s Secret Garden

This is another stealth grow box made with an inobtrusive design. It looks just like a cabinet on the outside, but inside, there's everything you need to support plants, including the right types of grow lights, and the right environment for sterile media for plant pots. This 3 foot box accommodates nine plants.

Magic Herb Dryer

After plants are harvested, you can make sure they are in good condition for storage with this accessible and easy dryer box. Accommodating 5 to 10 plants, this machine stands 36 x 16 x 9 and provides a controlled environment for drying.

Hydroponics 101 Guide

You might not expect that one of our top five products would be a hydroponics guide, but it kind of makes sense. The vast majority of growers are first-timers who are still experimenting with hydroponic cultivation. They need the types of tips contained in manuals and guides to really get success no matter what kind of system they are using. This 55 page book also comes with 12 months of tech support, which is probably another reason why it's so high on our bestsellers list.

Rapid Rooter Start Plugs

Growers also need environments for germination. Rapid rooter starter plugs accommodate all of that with a mix of organic compost and plant derived polymers. This easy kit helps growers to start from seed, and get plants into a hydroponics system.

These are just some of the incredible products that we've been selling a lot on the site. Take a look for yourself and see exactly what you need to start a hydroponics project or maintain it for the long run. We provide warranties and guarantees of satisfaction for thousands of products in our online catalog. We also help growers benefit from good advice. Check out our information resources on the site – and happy gardening!

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