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Top 5 Benefits of Automating Your Growbox


If you're just getting into hydroponics, or delving deeper into this type of gardening project, you may have heard a lot of people talking about automating a grow box or other hydroponics grow system. But what's so great about this kind of approach?

In a general sense, automation is extremely important to hydroponics for the same reasons that it's important in business. It helps with efficiency, and helping managers to do more with less effort. Here are some of the tangible benefits of grow box automation.


In many cases, because automated systems are responding quickly to plant needs, you're going to wind up with greater yields in the end. And this is really one of the main goals of nearly any grower -- to get bigger, more vibrant and nicer plants at harvest time.

Less of a Time Investment

Many growers look at the total output and value of their hydroponics garden by calculating the time that they put into a project, versus the results that they get. With grow box automation, you spend less time tending plants, which means that your overall profit margin increases. You may have labor costs, or you may be taking time away from other important things in your own life. Automation takes some of the burden off of the grower.

Going On Vacation

Growers with labor-intensive, non-automated systems often feel like they can't leave the house for an extended period of time. They worry about what might happen to their clients, either because of a lack of regular routine maintenance, or in certain emergency situations.

The more a system is automated, the more growers can rest easy in pursuing other kinds of activities while they are doing plant cycles. They can be confident that sophisticated automation systems can stand in the gap if it becomes necessary.

Fewer Distractions Day to Day

Many growers are also raising families, working at home or otherwise using a residential space for various different kinds of projects. With less of a need to micromanage their gardens, there are fewer distractions between the types of things that the average person multitasks on throughout each day.

Better Control Cases

A big part of many hydroponics plans is trial and error. Growers look at what happens with crop cycles in order to plan for the next iteration of the hydroponics project, to make plants grow better and get better outputs. Automation helps because the complex systems responding to plants in real-time are providing better control cases with more defined methods, and that can help a grower to figure out what works best for plants in the future.

All of these are good reasons for grow box automation and to improve processes to help you succeed in what you do with hydro growing.

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