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Top 5 'Crop-Out' Tips Explained


When it's time to crop out and harvest your green stuff, some helpful tips can help you get the most out of your plants. Here are some “cropping out” strategies we've seen that are useful with growers.

Pick According to Special Techniques

Lots of growers use specific growth strategies such as topping, lollipopping, or sea of green to get more buds, flowers or produce from a plant. Keep these in mind as you harvest the material that will be the fruits of your labor.

Allow Time for Flowering

Some growers are champing at the bit to get stuff out of their garden, but it's best to allow time for the flowering phases.

Flowering phases can be optimized for certain types of light/dark cycles -- the growers can start flushing the reservoir and getting plants different chemical elements to help them grow faster before maturity, but it's ultimately important to give plants the time they need to go through the flowering phases so that they're totally mature at harvest time.

Dry, Dry, Dry

Above all, with certain plants, it's important to make the harvest as dry as possible. Some growers get this wrong and perform drying as just a minimal chore -- but they don't really get their harvests dry enough, and their value can be compromised.

Continual Harvest

In many cases, it makes sense to perform several harvest from the plants, instead of just one. Different types of harvests show up in stages where plants start to produce early and keep producing through the end of the season.


It's also a good idea to keep pruning plants through the flowering phase and through harvests.

Pruning does several things for plants – first, it allows the plant to focus its biological energy on live areas, instead of dead or dying ones. Also, pruning helps keep unsanitary debris out of the grow space. And as a third benefit, it can help you to find the live harvests that you want more easily.

At every stage of development, growers need quick and easy tips they can use to optimize their hydroponics gardens. For more about this type of practice, and everything attached to it, keep visiting Dealzer’s product pages and informational sites where we break things down for a worldwide growing audience.

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