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Top 5 'outdoor hydroponics' tips explained


We talk a lot about the ins and outs of doing hydroponics indoors, where you can garden year-round and not have to worry about the outdoor elements. But what about outdoor hydro?

Here are some tips for those brave growers who want to try an outdoor hydroponic greenhouse.

Insulate from UV Rays

The sun’s natural rays can be hard on plants. Try using reflective or insulating material to protect plant roots and other areas of the plant from UV rays that can damage plants the same way that they can damage your skin.

Avoid Slope

Another potential problem is that outdoors, the slope of the ground can prevent a hydroponic project from working well. Try to anticipate any problems with bumps or lumps in the ground, or issues where terrain rises or lowers from one spot to another.

Control Evaporation

Outdoors, temperatures can get high, and unprotected from climate changes, plants can experience dehydration due to the evaporation of rainwater and other moisture from the ground. It doesn't take a whole lot to dry out roots.

One way to control this is by using add substance called hydro-gel that, when applied to the roots, can help to prevent excessive drying.

Check the Reservoir

There are also some conditions in outdoor gardens that can cause a water reservoir to get clogged up over time. So keep checking for total dissolved solids, and look for substances like algae in the reservoir. Another alternative is to replace a deep water culture system with something called an ebb and flow garden. Here a tray or table is slightly tilted to allow water to slowly run down through the system and irrigate plant roots.

Look Out for Bugs!

Another challenge with outdoor growing is the idea that plants could be exposed to many more different kinds of outdoor pests. In an indoor controlled environment, it's easier to keep aphids, white flies and other bugs out of your grow space. Outdoors, it can be a little trickier.

For more on everything it takes to practice hydroponic gardening outside, check out Dealzer’s website where we offer vital information and products to a worldwide community of growers.

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