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Top foods you can regrow again, and again


Looking for some ‘old standards’ that you can keep cultivating with multiple plant cycles? Here are some of the most popular hydroponic crops that growers tend to go back to time after time, as they enjoy the benefits of having a small green produce garden.


Once you start growing hydroponic tomatoes, they are almost sure to be a major part of your diet. Tomatoes go with anything -- in an omelette, in a sandwich, or just on a plate with some mayonaisse. It's great to be able to grow tomatoes any time of the year, and they'll always be in demand, especially when they're out of season at the local supermarket. Experiment with different varieties, especially small ones that you can fit into a smaller grow box or grow system.

Any Green Herb

From herbs like basil and parsley to healing herbs like aloe, or specific Italian flavoring herbs like oregano, or sweet herbs like mint, any of these green plants are an excellent addition to a hydroponic greenhouse or grow space. There are a number of reasons why herbs are so popular, and why you probably want to keep growing them through multiple cycles.

First, herbs are extremely easy to fit into a smaller grow space. Second, they are also useful all year-round, and one of the benefits of this kind of plant is that you can harvest from them anytime, not just when the plant reaches maturity.


Berries are another type of produce that's extremely hard to find out of season, and even in season, the quality of supermarket berries may not be very good. If you can find a way to integrate berries into your system for hydroponics, you'll probably want to return to your success again -- because in the wild, berry bushes flourish every single this summer. Berries are another type of hydroponic produce that adds quite a lot of value and a versatile addition to your dinner plate.


Iceberg, romaine, butterball, and many other varieties go great in a hydroponic system. In fact, you now see hydroponic lettuce from New England and other areas on the shelf at supermarkets all over the country. Skip the middleman and grow your own lettuce to have easily harvestable greens for dinner in a local, sustainable way.

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