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Understanding the basics of Good Growbox Ventilation


Essentially, ventilation in a grow box space involves making sure that air doesn't become stagnant, and that plants have a correct temperature and general environment to grow. Here are some of the basics involved in managing grow box or grow tent ventilation.

Using Fans

One of the main purposes of fans is to keep air circulating. Stagnant air can be a problem for plants, because it can decrease the oxygen in the plant environment and can also lead to the accumulation of some kinds of harmful contaminants. Having the right number of fans and the right sizes of fans is important in hydroponics - check out a measurement called CFM or cubic feet per minute for more precision on grow box ventilation.

Adjusting Temperatures for Plants

Another part of ventilation is making sure that temperatures within the grow space don't fluctuate too much.

For many grow projects, it's important to mimic the natural conditions where the plant environment is slightly warmer in the day, and slightly cooler at night. You also want to fine-tune your temperatures to what the plant is most accustomed to -- for example, some types of greens thrive in colder weather. So take all this into account when doing ventilation, to make sure that the inner plant environment is sealed from dynamic changes in temperature.


Humidity is also important in grow space ventilation. Sometimes, you have to decrease the ventilation that occurs, in order to keep temperature and humidity in the right ranges. Look up whether higher humidity can help your plants to retain water or otherwise lead to healthy results.

Clean Space

Some expert growers point out that another way to optimize the ventilation of the grow space is to limit the amount of dirty organisms, bacteria, microbes etc. in the space. Doing this involves clearing out dead plant material and other contaminants from the grow area on a regular basis. This takes a little more hard labor, but it also protects plants from some specific hazards during the grow cycle.

Along with ventilation, there are many other things that growers need to know about hydroponics. They need sufficient pump power to circulate water, good grow lighting and other amenities for plants. To find out more about starting up a hydroponic project, take a look at Dealzer online and what we offer to our growers. Our products come with comprehensive support, so that you won't be on your own when you are starting out in the world of hydroponics.

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