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Ventilation tips and tricks for stronger plants!


No matter what type of hydroponics system you have, ventilation is key. Growers need to know how to circulate air and keep plants feeling good.

With that in mind, here are some of the tricks and techniques that growers typically use to keep air from becoming stagnant, and to preserve well-circulated and oxygenated air for plants.

Minimize Bends

When you think about it, this trick makes a lot of sense. Bends in ductwork or tubing will decrease the flow of air, and so it's better to use as much straight-away ductwork as necessary. When you do need to turn a corner, having a larger bend radius may improve airflow and prevent crimps that could cut off circulation.

Dealing with Deadpools

Most programs have peripheral areas where the air just doesn't get circulated as much. We've often talked about the same principle in regard to light: that with different kinds of lighting, there are corner plants that don't get the full benefit of the light, because they're not really in the path of light. The same thing is true for circulated air, and that's why growers need individual small oscillating fans to move the air in and out of an area which you might call a “dead pool.”

Insulate Grow Spaces

You do want your air to be well-circulated, but you don't want to quickly use temperature control to the outside world. That's why most grow boxes and grow areas are insulated. Growers want to keep a precise temperature and humidity inside the plant’s grow area, so insulation is another part of overall air handling strategy.

Controlling Parts per Million (PPM)

Growers may also want to use advanced carbon dioxide methods, but they have to also maintain a certain quality of air in the grow space. This is another situation where good ventilation can be a necessary and former practical solution for better plant growth.

Keep It Stable and Consistent

One of the last things you want to do is to go blasting air into a grow space because the air is already stagnating. Set up systems that are consistent and stable so that plants are getting everything that they need for photosynthesis.

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