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Water Chestnuts in Hydro?


When you've really set up a well-working hydroponic grow system, the possibilities for producing your own fresh foods seem nearly infinite. There are so many different things you can grow, it may take years to getting around to thinking about all.

Here's a great example -- you go to a Chinese restaurant and order some kind of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp dish, and it comes with various vegetables including the water chestnut. This is the only place that most Americans encounter this specific food item -- in a kind of melange of Chinese vegetables stir fried with rice. You may love the crunchy bit or you may hate it, but if you're looking for a brand-new hydroponic crop, you can grow these things yourself for sale or use in meals.

Here are some tips for growing hydroponic water chestnuts -- as for the baby corn, we’ll leave that up to you!

Pick a hydroponic system

Growers report having success with different types of systems for growing water chestnuts. You might choose an ebb and flow system, a tray table system or a deep flow hydroponic system. Flood and drain is another one that can be effective. You have to make sure that plant roots don't get submerged for too long, otherwise they may rot.

Get a strong grow medium

Another good step for water chestnuts is to get a type of growing media that doesn't float. You need a strong stable growing media to hold the plant in place while it develops. Some growers recommend things like gravel or rockwool.

Keep them warm

An ideal temperature range for water chestnuts is described as around 78-90°F. These plants may need around half a year to develop under high light.

Use some pest control

Like other types of plants, water chestnut plants can be vulnerable to small flies or other pests. Growers may want to apply neem oil or some other natural substance to plants to counteract this type of damage.

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