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What are your plants telling you?


One of the biggest issues for beginners is figuring out how to diagnose different kinds of plant health problems. This can really seem daunting, partly because many of the visual problems that you see with plants have more than one cause. But growers can get more on top of this with some common trail and error experience and a little deep reading.

Brown Leaf Tips or Browning Leaves

When you see parts of leaves turning brown, this can be related to different kinds of burning situations, especially if you can see that plants are placed too close to the light. There's also something called nutrient burn, where the chemicals used to feed plants can have a negative effect if they're not in the right formulas. Of course, certain kinds of extreme climate conditions can also cause this kind of problem.

Yellowing Leaves

While yellowing these can also be a sign of some of the above problems, they could also be related to different kinds of plant diseases. For instance, harmful bacteria can introduce blight to plants and that can really have a negative effect on a plant cycle. Growers need to keep the grow area sanitary and watch out for harmful debris that could foster these kinds of bacterial invasions.

Withering Plants

When you see plants start to wither, this is often due to some environmental problems. Make sure that the temperature and humidity in a grow room are in the correct range to help plants to thrive. It's also important to make sure that there's no problem with the pump or irrigation equipment that's delivering nutrient rich water to plants. In general, withering indicates particular stresses that come from insufficient nourishment or other sources. You also want to check pH value which can also cause a kind of leaf damage talked about above.

So while a lot of these symptoms are kind of intermingled in difficult ways, after a while you get better at recognizing what's really going on with plants. For more check out what Dealzer offers to a grow audience around the world.

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