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What fish should I put in my Aquaponics grow?


It's a big question that we see quite a lot: what kinds of fish should people put in a cutting-edge aquaponics garden system?

The answer really depends on a lot of things – on the specific setup, the climate you're in, state or federal laws on wildlife, and much more. But here are some super-popular types of fish that you can put into an aquaponics reservoir.


Tilapia is one of the most common solutions for hydroponics. It's a less fatty fish, and one that often produces a high level of synergy with the plant environment. It's also popular fish for the dinner table. But in some cases, rules on tilapia prohibit growers from using this fish because it's an invasive fish species.

Goldfish and Koi

You can't eat these types of fish, but they do look good, and they are also a good choice for aquaponics gardening. They have a lot of plant synergy, and they are easier fish to manage over time.


Catfish is another option, especially for reservoirs of a larger size. Unlike goldfish and koi, catfish are edible. In fact, a lot of people like to eat catfish. Also, they're often seen in ornamental and decorative ponds, and so it makes sense that they would often be seen in aquaponics as well.


Carp are bottom feeders - and as a result, some people think of them as “dirty” fish. However, there is a market for edible carp, partly because of their use around Jewish holidays. Also, carp can be comfortable in a hydroponics reservoir environment because of the way they live in the wild.


Yes, these popular fisherman catches can also be seen in aquaponics environments. They’re another kind of edible fish that can thrive in the gardening setup and be farmed somewhat easily.

Other Types of Critters

In addition to fish, growers can also use creatures like shrimp and crayfish. These smaller marine animals can also function in an aquaponic environment. In some cases, they help to keep the reservoir cleaner. However, growers have to look at possible predatory behavior and the food chain before introducing various types of non-fresh green animals to the hydroponics space.

These are just some basic tips for aquaponics gardeners. To find out more, check out Dealzer's website and everything that we offer for aquaponics and hydroponics and all other kinds of cutting-edge innovative solutions.

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