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Why Buying a Growbox from Dealzer is a good alternative to building your own


One of the big data debates we've seen between growers is what to use to set up an initial system -- do you buy an already designed hydroponics kit, or put one of these together for yourself?

This gets to the core of people's philosophies, and reasons that they go into hydroponics in the first place. You're always going to have a certain number of people who want to do everything themselves, while others would prefer to have prepackaged solutions. It's like buying a car, where the die-hard do it yourselfer spends hours under the hood, and other drivers are more comfortable paying mechanics.

So why is it a good idea to buy comprehensive grow kits and grow boxes? There are a number of reasons, but here are some of the main motivations for getting a grow box that is already designed to nurture plants.

Irrigation Infrastructure

It can be pretty difficult to route water around a hydroponics system. Piping and tubing needs to go from the reservoir to every plant pot in order to bring water and nutrients to plant root systems. Without a floor plan and a strategy for joining and fastening these systems together, growers can easily get out into the weeds, or they may put together something that's not as efficient as it should be. Grow systems are designed to route water efficiently and stay functional over time.

Light Positioning

Light distribution is also a big factor in hydroponics. How much light plants get determines how plants will fare throughout the grow cycles. So it makes sense to get kits that have particular design and engineering built in to distribute light well. It's not as easy as standing a lamp above a plant pot or series of plant pots. Imbalances can cause problems and again, decrease efficiency.

Security and Access

It's also a bit difficult to design DIY systems for both security and access. Some systems are too open - the grower can get in, but so can anybody else. Others tend to obstruct regular maintenance. Fully built grow boxes and systems often have lock and key types of access. These and other valuable tools provide that delicate balance between security and access.

These are three of the major reasons to go with of a grow box for hydroponic cultivation. For more, check out Dealzer and our full product catalog that can have you gardening within days.

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