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Why Install a Carbon Filter?


If you're wondering why growers invest in carbon filters for hydroponics projects, a lot of the best reasons for using these kinds of resources have to do with separating a grow space from what's around it, and preventing problems with poor sanitation and unpleasant odors.

Carbon filters trap small molecules in order to block odors coming out of a grow room. Kind of like water filters, they take some of the contaminants in the air and scrub them out of the air that gets released through the other side of the filter. Here are some of the situations where growers like to use carbon filters.

Stealth Systems

Depending on what you're growing and where you're growing it, you may not really want to advertise to building inhabitants or occupants that there are plants inside of a closed grow box. Carbon filters scrub the air to prevent strong odors from being released into the general area of the room where grow boxes are installed.

Unpleasant Smells

In some cases, strong biological smells can build up in a grow room or grow environment. They may come from the plants, where some dead plant matter tends to stink. Or they can come from the reservoir where buildup odors can get pretty powerful. Another area where carbon filters can come in handy is in aquaponics, where there are fish living in the reservoir space. If these fish were living in a pond outside, you might never smell the results, but in a closed reservoir, it can get pretty rank.

Keeping Areas Separate

Even if grow odors aren't unpleasant, they just might not fit with other uses of the space. Suppose you're growing green herbs in a high-traffic part of your home or office. You don't necessarily want your living room or desk space to smell like basil and rosemary. If you want to be able to grow in a room without having that room smell like plants, a carbon filter is an effective way to fix that problem.


Some people really adhere to that idea that if you smell something, small particles of that are getting into your nasal lining. So in a sense, installing carbon filters keeps the area outside cleaner. That said, growers have to periodically inspect inside the system in order to get at the root of what's causing contamination. That might mean cleaning debris out of the plant area or flushing a reservoir.

These are some reasons why growers swear by carbon filters for providing a convenient hydroponic space. For more, check out what Dealzer offers to help a worldwide community of growers to do more with indoor hydroponic or greenhouse gardens.

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