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Why you should be considering vertical hydroponics


What's the big deal with vertical hydroponics?

Well, there are a number of ways that this kind of structure can benefit growers. Vertical hydroponics is taking off for several reasons. Some of them have to do with how the results look; others have to do with practicality and function.

Save Space

Vertical garden designs helps to save a lot of space, and that's part of the value of hydroponics in the first place. People get into hydroponics to grow plants in small corners of a building -- so that they don't need to have a whole bunch of arable land to get some fresh fruits and vegetables or other produce.

So vertical gardening brings that to the next level. Instead of spreading out plant pots throughout a room, you stack them on top of each other. You can even save on your garden footprint by using floorstanding frames to raise your plants up above the floor area.

Efficient Irrigation

Another benefit of vertical gardening is that it promotes a tighter irrigation system. By allowing plants to be stacked on top of each other, you need less of that tubing or piping that needs to go around the garden to irrigate each plant. You can also locate the reservoir closer to every plant, which is another efficiency. Efficient irrigation gives you less gear to wrangle with and less maintenance to do on a regular basis.

Other Savings in Maintenance

Along with the space-saving idea, you'll have to do less walking around to maintain and observe gardens. Whether you're pruning, clearing debris out of the plant space, helping with supplementary feeding or just monitoring plants, you'll be able to do all of these things more easily, because plants are right there in a more compact space.

Top-Down Irrigation

Many gardeners also like use vertical gardening to pursue decorative styles of top-down irrigation. One such style is where buckets are placed on an angle from a central stalk or trunk. The water gets routed from the top to the bottom, dampening each bucket on the way down.

These are some of the design principles that the gardeners to consider more efficient and good-looking hydroponics garden setups. For more, check out what Dealzer offers in our online catalog and our information-rich website.

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