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Why you should be thinking of getting a PC Growbox from Dealzer


When you go to buy a hydroponic grow box, you have a lot of choices. So why invest in a PC grow box from Dealzer?

The answer is that this unique system is able to support a lot of hydroponics project in its own special way. Here are some of the features and elements of the PC grow box that make this a top-selling model in our product catalog.

A Stealth Environment

The PC grow box is made to look just like a desktop computer tower. At a quick glance, you assume it's just part of the everyday furniture in a room or space. This makes the PC grow box a great solution for multi-use spaces -- where people are going to be living or working in same room that houses the grow process.

In high-traffic areas, it's important to allow plants to have their own room and their own privacy to grow. Stealth systems help to accomplish this. Growers have more peace of mind that there won't be any tampering with plants, because they're hidden from public view.

Everything In One

With small yet powerful grow lights, pre-packaged nutrients solutions, in-unit cooling and other features, the PC grow box is an all-in-one solution. You don't have to go chasing extra items or build systems into elaborate tray/table setups. The design is there for you -- all you have to do is grow!

Full Warranty

Like many of our other grow box models, Dealzer offers a complete three-year warranty on the PC grow box. This helps you to make sure that you won't have unanticipated costs after you buy the setup, and that the thing won’t fall apart on you when you’re trying to grow your first crop cycles. We also offer comprehensive tech support.

Lock and Key Systems

A lock and key system also assures that people won't be tampering with plants while the grower’s away.

Reflective Interior

Interior reflection panels help to distribute light well and make sure that corner plants continue to get the same benefits as any other plant in a grow box.

Pump and Tubing Included

This system comes with an air pump and tubing, as well as red clay rocks and other materials for growing.


A 6 quart reservoir holds the nutrient-rich water that will nurture plants.

This product also contains better control features, and adjustable measuring spoons for nutrients, organic starter plugs, plant pots, outlet adapters and more. Get everything you need to start your own hydroponic project and get the success you want in hydro growing!

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