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Why you should start with your own Aquaponics farm this year


At first, it might sounds like something a little bit silly. Why raise fish along with vegetables?

However, aquaponics is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in the hydroponics world. Why is this? Why do so many people want to start putting marine life and plants together?

A Question of Science

One of the main reasons that lots of people get involved in hydroponics is to experiment with biology. It gets us closer to nature, and helps us learn about things like physics, chemistry and the biology of plant life. With an aquaponics setup, you also learn about fish and other marine creatures. Aquaponics can be great for those who want their kids to start learning about cultivation, because adding a few goldfish or koi can really make it a more engaging experience.

Saving Resources

With aquaponics, you might end up saving a few bucks, partially because some of the waste products for fish can be used to nurture plants. You might get better energy savings from things like low-power lights or pumps, but the idea of biological synergy appeals to a lot of people. You also get an additional product out of it -- especially if you use varieties like tilapia, which are also cultivated for the dinner table.

Bragging Rights

One of the biggest reasons that we've seen people tackle aquaponics is that they can market their hydroponic products with the attached label that they do aquaponics in their gardens. Strangely, this seems to make some hydro products more attractive to customers. You may browse the local farmers market and ask organic vegetable farmers about whether they do hydroponics. Some of them like to advertise that they not only do plants hydroponically, but they also have integrated aquaponics. It makes them seem like thought leaders in the field, and gives them the kind of authority that sometimes translates into selling more stuff.

These are some of the reasons that aquaponics is catching on in a big way. Think about all of the gear and resources you'll need to cultivate fish along with plants in a hydro environment. Take a look at what manufacturers and retailers can offer to help you to succeed with these kind of advanced high-level projects. Dealzer operates a product catalog with over 1500 pieces of equipment, with informational resources for growers - with full support, we’re behind you every step of the way!

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