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Your Basic Hydroponics Checklist to start growing today!


So you do want to start a hydroponic garden -- where do you start?

You start with some of the basic equipment and materials that will allow you to grow plants from germination to harvest. Here are some of the basic things you'll need in your toolbox.

Seeds and seedlings

If you're growing from seed, one of the big questions is what kind of seed to use. Some growers order specialty seeds for non-GMO production. Either way, you'll need some kind of seed stock or seedling plants to put into a hydroponics system.


You're going to need adequate light for your plants. You may be able to use natural light in some cases, but most growers use artificial grow lights. Look for lights that have the right luminous intensity and the right light spectrum for vegetative and flowering stages.

Plant pots and sterile media

You'll also need specific plant pot areas for plant roots to grow as they get irrigated with hydroponic reservoir water. Fill these with things like rockwool, coco coir or other materials.


Most hydroponic systems require a repository for water called a reservoir. Growers can make these out of large plastic containers or other items that function as effective holding tanks for the nutrient-rich water that plant roots need.


Yes, you'll need things to feed your plants. Look for specifically formulated packages with the right amount of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and everything else who are nursing plants to harvest.

pH solutions

Over time, that pH value of your water will change. Having handy pH up and ph Down solutions helps growers to protect plants from some kinds of disasters.

For more about hydroponics and everything you need to grow plants well, take a look at our forums, social media pages and blog posts. We offer a wealth of information online as well as thousands of pieces that you to get started right away.

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