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Electro-Stakes Electro-Culture - (Rapid & Large Plant Growth w/ Electroculture ) - 5 Pack

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Product Description

Electro-Stakes use suppressed Electroculture technology to draw natural electricity and magnetism from the atmosphere into your plants to greatly boost your yields.

Electroculture not only speeds up growth but it also grows much larger plants.

No fertilizer or pesticides needed when using electroculture so your plants grow 100% organic.

Quantity: 5 Pack
Dimensions: 15" x 1.5" x 0.5"
Materials: Wood & Copper
Coverage: 10'x10' area (each stake)




Electrostakes not only pay for themselves, they also turn a profit!

As you can see below, electroculture alone grow this watermelon to gigantic proportions. All other veggies like onions and tomatoes also grow to unusually epic proportions. The same goes for all plants and herbs. Also, the Electro-Stake doubles as a plant stake to support your plant as it is growing. Simply tie young plants to the stake to keep them propped up.


Electro-Culture also magnetizes the soil or water which technically means no nutrients, fertilizers or pesticides are needed which is probably why this technology was originally suppressed. Studies show that electroculture Potatoes grown without fertilizers grow to weight 2 pounds each. Grapes impacted by Phyloxera were healed and rejuvenated plus they became much sweeter. Carrorts gew 24 long and 12 inch circumference. An old dying pear tree was rejuvenated and produced 1 pound pears. All this without the use of manure, fertilizer, nutrients or pestisides. The only thing used was the natural atmospheric energy and wooden/copper stakes as seen above to draw that energy into the soil. The soil simply becomes magnetized which revives it meaning your soil will last much longer than usual.

The stakes themselves are about 15" by 1" but we can customize the size upon request.

Simply place the stake in your soil garden or hydroponics water reservoir so that the top of the stake remains exposed to the air. The copper wire will naturally draw electricity into itself from the atmosphere and send it to your soil or water system. This will end up feeding the roots of your plants and drastically improve them to produce much higher yields than normal.

Plants Grown With Electro-Culture Grow Much Bigger





You will receive a 5 pack of stakes with your order.

Approximate Dimensions: 15" x 1.5" x 0.5" (customizable upon request)
Coverage Area: 10' x 10' (can be used in ordinary soil pot)

Quantity Per Pack: 5

Growing Tips:

For extra growth boosters, use Co2 and play classical, jazz or instrumental music at 432 hz to the plants. This, along with the electro-stakes, will open up the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and Co2. The added Co2 is very beneficial since Plants breath Co2 and exhale Oxygen so giving them pure Co2 is very healthy and magnifies grow size and speed of growth. All 3 used together is a winning recipe for gigantic yields grown at record speed.


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