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Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Grow Box

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Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Grow Box

The revolutionary new redesigned "dummy proof" Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0 has been fully optimized to grow extremely healthy plants all year long. We spent 6 months testing this new 3 foot 5.0 model before releasing it. Our #1 concern was to generate healthy, luscious plants time & time again. Now it is tested, perfected & ready for the public. Since releasing this in Jan 1, 2019, our customers have been sending us spectacular looking pictures of luscious, healthy yields. Now we are certain that this box works miracles. 

This "dummy proof" grow box can easily be operated by beginners using our instructions plus we have free email & phone tech support in case any issues come up.

Grows 4 large plants. Tall plants bend down naturally to fit in the grow box.

Fast, free, plain box shipping. (No outside indication of what is ordered).

Note: There is a limit of 5 grow boxes per order. These new model boxes that released early this year have been selling faster than we expected & so we must limit sales to 5 grow boxes per customer per order until we get caught up. This only applies to customers buying in bulk (over 5).

Dimensions: 36" Tall x 20" Wide x 16.5" Deep

The Grandma's Secret Garden grows 1 pound of usable dried plant matter per year. (This only measures the usable part of the plant.)

Grow from seed to harvest 20% faster than traditional gardening in a mostly automated system. (Just change water & nutrients once a week.)

Save thousands of $$$ per year by growing your own.

Hand manufactured from scratch in the USA using specially treated quality wood. (Build Time: 8 hours)

Reservoir color subject to change, due to availability.

Extremely low, almost unnoticeable energy consumption due to LED lights will keep your electric costs extremely low.
Go from seed to harvest in 8-12 weeks. We recommend picking hydro over soil in the drop-down box as it is cleaner & harvesting is 2 weeks faster. If soil is picked, we will provide you with soil.
Odor blockers included.

With unlimited, free phone & email tech support & dummy proof instructions, you can't go wrong.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Grandma's Secret Garden

1. This new model is by far our best one yet. It is far better even than our previous 4.0 model. Since our January 2019 release, many customers have sent us amazing pictures of luscious, healthy plants which corresponds with our tests that this new model works miracles. We assure growers a healthy batch of plants guaranteed. The 5.0 far exceeds any other previous model.

2. The grow box successfully grows healthy, happy plants 20% faster than traditional gardening.

3. The grow box is even simpler to use than ever before which means it's great for beginners. We also offer free tech support via phone/email plus simply written instructions.

4. Growing your own will save you thousands of dollars a year.

5. The Grandma's Secret Garden mostly grows the plants automatically from seed to harvest. All it takes is setting it up and switching the water and nutrients every 1-2 weeks.

Grandma's Secret Garden includes:

  • Mars Hydro LED grow light (equivalent to 150w HID)
  • A carbon protected intake and exhaust system 
  • Air pump 
  • 40 GPH submersible water pump with hose
  • Air Hose with air stone
  • 2 inch Hydroponic net pots
  • Peat Moss starter plugs 
  • Set of Advanced Nutrients  
  • Odor control scent equalizer
  • DUAL outlet grounded timer with 15 minute on - off cycles
  • Lockable latches on the door
  • Easy to follow instructions - Download Instructions Here
  • Unlimited tech support via phone or email
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Handmade from scratch with specially treated quality wood in the USA. (Build Time: 8 hours)

Advanced Nutrients Pack Includes:
500 ml Grow
500 ml Micro
500 ml Bloom
pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom is a 3-part premium base nutrient trio precisely formulated to give your high-value crops the exact nutrient ratios and concentrations they need. No competitor offers this full spectrum of quality ingredients. When pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom is fed to your plants, they benefit from an unmatched array of amino acids. You’ll also witness amazing results from the fulvic acid and powerful non-ionic surfactant, which form a multi-stage delivery matrix to ensure your plants absorb everything. And the powerful chelation guarantees that every nutrient is more available to your plants’ precious roots than ever before. And that’s not all: pH Perfect® Technology works around the clock to calibrate and adjust the pH for you, so you never have to use meters or add harsh pH-adjusting chemicals ever again.
*Note: Submersible pump and hose may vary.


  • Co2 Enhancer - Grow up to 20% faster than without Co2. Harvest in as little as 8 weeks.
  • Plant Sites in Lid: How many plants do you want to grow?
  • Herb Dryer - Dry your herbs in a hanging herb dryer or a Magic Herb Dryer
  • Hydroponics Training Guide - Learn everything you need to get started in a simple to understand hydroponics guide.

Grandma's Secret Garden is ready to go as soon as you get it. Simply plug and play once you open the stealth packaging it comes in. Simply fill up the basin with water and plant your seeds right into the system. You will get a powerful, full spectrum LED grow light to grow the plants. The box is self cooled with an intake area and 2 powerful 80mm exhaust fans.

All beginners will love this system as it is extremely easy to use, comes with lifetime technical support, and a lifetime warranty.

Does the Grandma's Secret Garden grow from start to finish? Can I put seeds in there?

Yes. You can start with seeds & grow them to full harvest.

I am looking for a totally stealth grow box and wish to grow my plants privately. Can you guarantee this?

Yes. The GSG is a stealth growing system. This means that you won't notice much any difference in your electricity bill, you won't have any light leakage or scent leakage issues, the system is quiet, and you will have the ability to lock your GSG for added security.

Is there enough room to grown in the Grandma's Secret Garden?

Yes. The Grandma's Secret Garden supports all kinds of plants. Also, most plants bend inside of the box which adds to the space allotted to grow. It also works great for clones and mother plants.

How do you ship? How long does it take? How will I know when my package has shipped?

We typically use Fedex for our shipments. It takes approximately 5-10 business days to receive this item via plain box shipping. We also email tracking numbers upon shipment so that you can track your package.

I am a first time grower and have never grow with hydroponics. What if I get confused?

The Grandma's Secret Garden comes with easy to follow instructions, unlimited phone and email tech support.

What about warranty?

We offer a whopping lifetime warranty on your Grandma's Secret Garden on everything except the Mars light which is covered by manufacturers warranty. If you have any issues with anything at all, please contact us and we will replace your parts for free.

Is the grow box completely assembled upon delivery?

Yes. The box comes fully assembled.


Buy online or call to order: 888-HYDRO-81

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