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Perpetual Harvest Hydroponics Systems Combo

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Product Description

Perpetual Harvest is a technique in which growers utilize multiple grow areas to ensure that there are always plants in both the flowering and in the vegetative stages. This way you can enjoy freshly grown plants all year.

The normal retail price on this is $2135 but take it all home today as our introductory offer for $1795 and free shipping.

The Perpetual Harvest System grows 5 pounds of usable dried plant matter per year.

The 3 grow boxes include (click on links for full description):

Cash Crop - The 2 foot Cash Crop allows for seedling or cloning propagation.

Cash Crop

Grandma's Secret Garden - Discover vigorous vegetative growth in the 3 foot Grandma's Secret Garden, allowing your plants to reach their full potential before inducing the reproductive stage. This box may also be used for compact flowering situations--if needed--but performs amazingly well as a preparatory unit for staging plants to flower in the Growzilla.

Growzilla - The 5'8" Growzilla box is perfect for large plants to grow to maturity. When done growing full size plants in the Growzilla, simply harvest them and move the hydroponics reservoir from your Grandma's Secret Garden to the Growzilla to start your next cycle. Enjoy zero days downtime between crops while rewarding yourself with perpetual happiness.

This box will pay itself very quickly & save you tens of thousands of dollars over the years so you will actually make money from this purchase. It is also very easy to use. Each grow box requires very little work as all that is mostly required is to change the water & nutrients weekly. 

Note: All 3 grow boxes are handmade in the USA from scratch using specialty treated wood.

The base unit comes with everything you need except for the plants including a lifetime warranty, instructions & free phone/email tech support for the life of your product.


  • Flower Carbon Filter: Easily sticks to exhaust port & filters out unwanted scent using a powerful carbon system.
  • Foliar Overgrow Spray: Spray with the lights on, fertilize, pest control, and fungal control all in one bottle.
  • Herb Dryer: Dry your herbs in a hanging herb dryer or a Magic Herb Dryer (grow box that dries plants).


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