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  • Dealzer 45 x 25.5 Cloning Rack Tray by Microclone

45" x 25.5" Cloning Rack Tray by Microclone

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The 45" x 25.5" Cloning Rack Tray by Microclone is an essential tool for all your cloning needs. This versatile tray is designed to fit perfectly in rows on a rack, allowing for easy organization and maximum space utilization. With the capacity to accommodate up to four trays per shelf and the option to have up to five or six shelves, you can clone a large number of plants simultaneously.

One of the standout features of this cloning rack tray is its low profile lighting. The integrated lighting system, designed specifically for fluorescent fixtures like T5s, ensures optimal lighting conditions for your clones. The integrated lighting is located within the plant shelves, guaranteeing that your clones receive the necessary light for healthy growth.

The Cloning Rack Tray by Microclone is incredibly adaptable and can be used with various cloning methods. Whether you prefer automated watering systems, manual watering with a drain, NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), Ebb & Flow, or any other method, this tray can accommodate it all. It provides a reliable base for your clones to thrive, regardless of your chosen cloning technique.

Maintenance is a breeze with the Cloning Rack Tray. The tray features thin raised ridges that promote proper drainage, preventing water from pooling around the clones. This not only keeps your clones healthy but also makes cleaning the tray effortless. The flat bottom design allows for efficient water distribution, ensuring that each clone receives the necessary nutrients.

To add to your convenience, the Cloning Rack Tray includes dual drain wells in the corners. This allows you to choose a drain/watering system that suits your specific needs. The trays are sold individually, giving you the flexibility to customize the number of trays required based on your cloning goals. Please note that the rack system is not included.

Whether you are new to cloning or an experienced grower, the 45" x 25.5" Cloning Rack Tray by Microclone is the ultimate solution for successful cloning. Take your cloning game to the next level with this high-quality tray. Don't hesitate - get your Cloning Rack Tray today and start cloning like a pro!

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