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  • Aeromixer - Mix and Aerate Nutrients Quickly, Easily and Professionally

Aeromixer - Mix & Aerate Nutrients Quickly, Easily & Professionally

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Product Description

Aeromixer is a pump made specifically for growers, by growers, with a dual purpose: to easily mix nutrients and aerate feeding solutions with just one pump. Aeromixer makes feeding large and smaller gardens a breeze and reduces the need for air stones, air pumps, and pH up and down additives.

Shipping Dimensions are 16"x10"x8" 14Lbs 

Here are a few reviews from our store front customers:

"Awesome product, great customer service. Time saver for sure." - Chris

"It’s the best and only mixer that I’ll ever use amazing what it can do !!!! Very impressed." - Christopher 


No more wasted nutrients.


Ever go through the whole process of feeding your garden, only to find a sludge of precious nutrients at the bottom of the tank when you're done? Running Aeromixer while you feed suspends nutrients to ensure optimal distribution to each plant. This allows for more efficient feeding, which means happier, more productive plants.

Say goodbye to air stones!

Traditional air stones require constant replacement, and often there are a lot of nutrients left at the bottom of the tank.

Stabilize pH easily.

Aeromixer utilizes Patented Aerojet Technology to inject air, helping reduce the need for pH stabilizers and promoting even mixing of liquid and/or dry fertilizers in your feed tank. Aeromixer is the only mixing pump on the market that keeps nutrients mixed and aerated at the same time and distributes fertilizers evenly to your garden.

Aeromixer in Action

Aeromixer can easily mix feed tanks from 50-500 gallons and works great in tanks up to 3000 gallons. See detailed instructions below for runs times and how to use your Aeromixer correctly in YOUR size tank!

Three steps to happy plants:

1. Install Aeromixer

Correctly place your Aeromixer into your nutrient tank and direct the air intake hose out of the tank.

2. Introduce Additives

Do you love organic gardening? So does Aeromixer! Slowly add nutrients into your feed tank while Aeromixer is running.

3. Aeromix and Relax!

Sit back and watch Aeromixer Work! Check out our full instruction manual by clicking below!



Technical Specifications:


  •  Power

    3/4 horsepower motor 
    Patented Aerojet Technology 
    Pulls 6.2 amps
    Pumps at up to a 35 ft. lift

  •  Capacity

    Moves 4,450 gallons per hour
    Pumps up to 1/4 inch solids
    Easily mixes tanks from 50-500 gallons
    Effective in tanks up to 3,000 gallons

  •  Specs

    Nominal Voltage: 115V/60HZ
    Output Power: 3/4 HP
    Motor Full Load: 6.2A
    Protection Type: IPX8
    Max Height: 40 ft.
    Max Submersion Depth: 17 ft.
    Max Conveying Amount: 4450 GPH
    Max Fluid Temperature: 95 ℉ 

  •  Includes

    Aerojet with heavy duty braided nylon air hose
    Aeromixer 3/4 HP pump
    Powder coated stabilized footing
    Stainless steel mounting screws
    Detailed instruction manual
    Garden hose adapter
    Universal cut to fit adapter


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