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  • Bloom Brothers Hydro Halo Water Ring 6 w/ 3 leg support GGWR06

Hydro Halo Water Ring 6" w/ 3 leg support GGWR06

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The Hydro Halo Water Ring 6" w/ 3 leg support GGWR06 is the perfect solution for effective irrigation of all types of pots and containers in any growing medium. Say goodbye to uneven watering and dry pockets of soil with this innovative product.

This water ring easily connects to any inch I.D. tubing, and for a more secure connection, it is recommended to use an inch fitting clamp (not included). Unlike traditional drip emitters and stakes that only provide irrigation at a single point, the Hydro Halo Water Ring has 54 strategically positioned pores that ensure even saturation of the entire container. This means that your plants will receive the water and nutrient solution they need for optimum growth.

The kit includes three removable stakes, which keep the water rings securely in place around each plant. However, if desired, the water rings can also be used without the stakes. The design of the water ring features a 1 inch gap on one end, allowing it to be placed around large plants without causing any damage to the stalks.

Whether you are growing plants indoors or outdoors, in soil or hydroponics, the Hydro Halo Water Ring is perfect for your needs. Its durable construction ensures years of use, and it can be easily cleaned between growing cycles.

One of the best features of the Hydro Halo Water Ring is its versatility. You can easily create your own flexible irrigation kits by using any inch I.D. tubing and inch fittings (not included). For larger installations, it may be necessary to add inch ball valves to ensure an even flow to all water rings.

In summary, the Hydro Halo Water Ring 6" w/ 3 leg support GGWR06 is a game-changer in irrigation. Its innovative design, ease of use, and durability make it the ideal choice for all your watering needs. Say goodbye to uneven watering and hello to healthier, more vibrant plants with the Hydro Halo Water Ring.

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