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  • Dealzer Pro Co2 XXL - Co2 Generator System
  • Dealzer Pro Co2 XXL - Co2 Generator System

Pro Co2 XXL - Co2 Generator System

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Product Description

Pro Co2 XXL - Co2 Generator System

Pro Co2 buckets are easy to use Co2 generators that will increase your yields by pumping pure Co2 into the atmosphere for your plants to absorb. Pro Co2 not only pumps out more Co2 than any other Co2 generator, but its also a lot more affordable!

Pro Co2 covers an area of 8 x 8 feet. Simply remove the sealant sticker and your Pro Co2 will start releasing pure Co2 for your plants. Also included are a built in handle and s-hook for easy hanging. No maintenance or refills required.

Pro Co2 Specs:

Net Weight: 10 lbs.
Height: 11.5"
Diameter: 9.75"
Coverage: 8'x8' Feet
Expires: 1 Year

What are Pro Co2 buckets for?

Co2 generator systems are used to help plants grow 25% faster than growing without one.

How long does Pro Co2 last?

Your Pro Co2 will last 7 months.

Where should I put my Pro Co2 bucket?

You should hang or place your Pro Co2 near your plants (top or bottom area of plants).

How much Co2 is coming out of the buckets?

1000 - 2000 PPM which is quite high as compared to other co2 generators on the market.

What size of room does Pro Co2 work for?

The XL model covers a 5 x 5 area.

Is ProCo2 Safe?

Yes. Pro Co2 does not contain any chemicals. When you are finished, simply throw it away in the trash.

Do ProCo2 buckets require maintenance or set-up?

No. Simply remove the sticker and place your Co2 system near your plants, and you are good to go.

When should I use ProCo2 buckets?

You should use the Pro Co2 in all stages of growing including stem growth, vegging, and flowering.

Why buy from us?: 

  • We are a reputable online company for hydroponics systems.
  • We offer the best possible price.
  • We offer free shipping!
  • We build the Pro Co2 in the US thereby supporting the US economy from within!

Buy online or call to order! 888-HYDRO-81

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