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3 Ways to Understand the Use of Chalk and Calcium Compounds in Hydroponics


Sometimes we like to talk about the use of basic materials in hydroponics, to give beginners a better knowledge-base to start out. Having more knowledge about how chemistry works helps you to make the most of your hydro products -- and that's what we want. We want you to be successful with what you buy, because we understand that you've spent good money to get involved in this kind of innovative project.

Certain kinds of mineral compounds can be useful in hydroponics in different ways. One way to understand more about this is through talking about something as basic as blackboard chalk.

pH Balance

One of the ways the growers might use chalk or some kind of calcium compound is to change the pH in the reservoir. The reservoir of water is what you use to irrigate plans. But it should be kept at an optimal pH value of around 5 to 6. Anything more or less, and your plants could be endangered. Over time, growers get good at understanding what pH plants need and how to achieve it. You can start with the basic knowledge that you can put chemical compounds directly into your reservoir to change the pH, and that you should do this often. Get a set of testers, even if it's just a little bit of litmus paper, and keep an eye on your reservoir over time and change the pH as you need to. Be careful in using basic chalk or calcium compounds make sure there are no contaminants that could have harmful effects on people who eat the produce.


This use of chalk or calcium compound is a little more obscure. Take a look at this picture of a greenhouse sprayed with a limestone type of chalk material. Here, the goal is to manipulate the amount of light or UV radiation that comes into the grow house from the outside.

Why is this important for beginners? Because light plays such an important role in hydroponics. You want to set light/dark cycles, and make sure the plants get just enough light, but not too much. This kind of thing can be instructive early on in the gardening process.


Another way that calcium compounds can be important is in nutrient packages. You’re not going to see blackboard chalk in your nutrients -- but you might see similar chemical compounds that feature digestible calcium. That's because calcium is one of those basic building blocks, along with things like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, that plants use for photosynthesis.

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