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5 Reasons to Start your Hydroponic Grow op today!


Looking for reasons to set up your own hydroponic space in part of your home or office? Here are five of the most common things that get people to jump on the bandwagon with hydroponics.

Fresh Food

A lot of times, you don’t have to look any further that this into someone’s motivation. With hydroponics, you get fresh produce with a pedigree -- you know where it comes from, what it's been sprayed with, if anything, how it's been handled, and how safe it is to eat. You can get it without driving to the store. It's the antithesis of the supermarket model, where you run around getting food from anywhere in the country, or anywhere in the world. This is a major part of the value hydroponics brings to today's communities.

Developing a Revenue Stream

If you're able to generate enough produce for a small commercial project, you're also adding a much-needed revenue stream to your household income. One of the biggest things that financial advisors recommend for people are able to do it, is to add revenue streams to an existing income. Whether it's a wage job or contracting, hydroponics allows you to basically “moonlight in agriculture” and get more money that way.

Bragging Rights

In addition to the above, you'll see that the recognition that comes with offering something real to the community. Depending on who you run with, hydroponics can give you a lot of “street cred.” It shows that you're a producer, not just a consumer, and that you bring something to the table.

A Lifetime of Learning

Some parents also get into hydroponics for their children. But hydroponic gardening can teach children responsibility and initiative. It can help them to practice a more sustainable way of living that's going to serve them well when they’re older, and it also teaches people a lot about biology, chemistry, and physics.

Modding Up Your Castle

If you need a fifth reason to get involved in hydroponics, look at how it affects property values. Some of the most expensive and upscale green homes are being outfitted with hydroponic gardens that fit into the kitchen, living room or even bathroom spaces. Take a look at some of these modern designs to see if they fit your needs for hydroponic gardening.

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