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A comparison against Store bought food and hydroponically grown


Looking for some good reasons to go with a hydroponic garden? Take a look at how supermarket produce stacks up to what you grow yourself.

It’s no secret that there's been a big decline in how people see the quality of supermarket produce. It's led various sellers to scramble to offer organic or premium high-quality options. This rapid change has occurred over about the last 10 years, and it means big things for the food production business.

It all started with people offering lists of “dirty dozen” items of produce. The idea was that these more vulnerable plants tended to carry high levels of pesticides and chemicals, as applied by big growers. Items like peppers, greens, berries and peaches became more subject to scrutiny by customers.

Over time, people decided that if pesticides and chemicals are bad in “dirty dozen” plants, they’re also bad in other kinds of plants, and they started trying to get more produce that could be verified organic, so that they could be sure they weren’t getting high levels of pesticides in foods. The movement grows as people find out more about the potential harm of these chemical elements that get sprayed on conventional produce.


Supermarket produce also gets washed in a factory sometimes, because it's so hard to wash produce thoroughly when customers have to prepare dinner after working a full day. Factory washing is convenient, but it's not always the most thorough process, and it can't catch some of the microbial elements that make it into food during the process.

With hydroponics, gardeners keep food cleaner so that it doesn't have to be washed as much.

Comparing Costs

To understand the amounts of money that you an save with hydroponics, look at the cost of organic produce. You can pay five dollars for a couple of zucchinis, cucumbers or tomatoes. Ditto for a very small packet of berries.

With hydroponics, you keep harvesting fresh food off of plants for zero dollars. Investment that you put into hydroponics up front pays off big in the end, because you're not shelling out a bunch of money for premium fruits and vegetables.

For more on hydroponics, keep an eye on what Dealzer offers to help gardeners succeed. Build your own hydroponics system and get fresh food for your dinner table- food you can trust.

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