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Best Seed Germination practices for quick root development


In hydroponics, one of the overarching goals is to get good germination practices in place. You need your seeds to sprout well and sprout quickly, to start your plants on the way to maturity. So how do you do this?

Different growers have their own germination methods, and some of it boils down to what's most convenient, what resources you have, and how you feel most comfortable starting your seeds. Here are some of the basics for excellent seed germination.

Warmth, Moisture, Darkness

You've heard the common suggestion about canned goods (oils, etc.) that they should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place. The equation for seeds is a little different. The three basic things that seeds need to germinate well are warmth, moisture, and darkness.

A natural soil environment provides all of those things, but so do other methods. Growers have the choice in how to nurture these plants to help little sprouts pop up in a shorter time frame.

Paper Towel Method

A paper towel method capably mimics the soil environment by providing these three elements. Simply put seeds between paper towels and wet them to the point where they are damp, not waterlogged. Then leave your seeds alone for a few days, and you'll see results.

Original Soil Method

You can also sprout seeds in soil before moving them to a hydroponic environment. Typically, growers take small trays and place each seed in its own niche, with a little soil. Then they water just a little bit and sit back and watch seeds sprout.

One important warning is not to provide too much water. Seeds that are waterlogged will not sprout well, and that's why if there's any tray container or anything else, that has to drain well. That's why some growers like a paper towel method – they don’t have to worry about drainage because the water drains out of the towels and down into a container. With sealed containers with soil inside, there's the capacity for waterlogged plants.

Some growers contend that providing in oxygen-rich environment helps with germination, and other phases of plant life too. Then there are all those other extra things like playing music for plants. Some people say that works, and some say it doesn't. You have to find your own way to nurture plants for growth.

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