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Cash Crop vs Earth Cab


The Cash Crop and Earth Cab grow boxes are two of our most popular designs. Either one can be a great environment for plants, but they have different features that can assist growers in different ways.

Both of these systems have a reflective interior that helps distribute light. This is extremely useful in hydroponics design, because in addition to having the right luminosity and spectrum of light, that light has to get delivered to plants in particular ways. Growers use specific strategies like super cropping to help direct light, but having the reflective interior helps a lot.

Tall Boxes

The Cash Crop box ranges from 2 to 3 feet tall -- the Earth Cab runs just a bit taller, with a great visual design that lots of growers love. These well-built, quality designs provide growers with enough space to access grow areas in a convenient way. These boxes also offer the potential for security to prevent tampering or unauthorized access.

Stealth Systems

One of the really great things about the Cash Crop system is its quiet and inconspicuous design.

Lots of growers are looking for stealth systems -- systems that will not stand out in a room, that really blend into their surroundings. With features like superior odor blocking technology, a whisper-quiet fan and a versatile exterior, the Cash Crop system delivers this kind of functionality.

A Large Volume of Plants

One of the things about the Earth Cab system is that some of these bigger designs can house up to 16 plants. They also come with an LED light bar, nutrient packages and more for making sure you get what you need out of a hydroponic garden environment.

Air intake ports, filters and more make the Earth Cab system even more flexible for different kinds of grow setups. Accessories like rolling wheels help you to transport this mobile garden around a room. There's lots of engineering built into the Earth Cab that can accommodate growers who need specific results.

Check out either of these grow box options for a great way to start hydroponic gardening today. Many of our products come with a three-year warranty and satisfaction guarantees. You also get lifetime support and a lot of instruction and guidance from our website.

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