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Cloning explained - Growbox Hacks


We know cloning as the process of taking young, green cuttings from mature plants, and using them to start your own hydroponic grow cycle -- but how is this done?

Here are some of the expert tips and suggestions that we've seen from experienced gardeners that will help you to break into cloning as a “grow box hack” expert.

Consider a Plant’s Genetic Pedigree

cloning is all about the genetics of a plan. Picking the right plants will help the clones to develop yield and other desirable features.

Customize Light

Clones have to get the right amount of light. Too much light can burn them or overstress them. You want to create a dedicated well-lighted space, but you can allow clones to grow in a dimmer environment than mature plants. Clones may also need their own light/dark cycles.

Provide Enough Oxygen to Encourage Root Development

Another grow box hack is to use certain kinds of porous media, to keep cloned stems from getting waterlogged. This allows them to develop their root systems better.

Use a Humid Environment

High humidity helps clones in a number of ways. It helps them get more moisture in, when they don't have a dedicated root system. It also reduces the stress on plants at the time when they need the most support.

Spray or Mist Plants

You can also use something called FogPonics to nourish clones. Since clones don't have root systems, introduce nutrients through a spray bottle or other spraying or misting system. Some growers like to spray water onto grow box walls, to help get materials to plants. Either way, you're micromanaging nutrient delivery to these young and vulnerable plants.

Control Temperature

Just like clones don't like to be too wet or too dry, they also don't like to be too hot. One hack here is to use automated temperature control tools or air handling fans to really keep the heat off until they mature and can handle rougher conditions or environments.

These are just some of the basic management techniques grow box users can enjoy to raise clones that will have every chance of thriving in adulthood. For more about cloning and everything else, check out the resources that trusted manufacturers and retailers like Dealzer are able to offer for hydroponic systems you use to grow with the best!

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