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Grow Box Intermediate Guide


At an intermediate level, you'll be building on the very basic beginners issues we've previously covered, and branching out to manage hydroponic crop cycles better with routine maintenance and production. You'll be looking at some of the more nuanced issues in constructing healthy plant environments and helping plants to get to maturity with vibrant yields.

Here are some of the aspects of intermediate level grow box maintenance.

Adjusting Lighting

At the basic level, you've figured out how to get lighting that provides the lumens that you need for plant growth.

At an intermediate level, you may be looking at how to correctly adjust light, to prevent nutrient burn and make sure that light is distributed properly to every plant. Some grow box tools like reflective interiors help, but also, having lights that can be adjusted on a yo-yo or other hanging setup also helps growers micromanage plant development.

At the same time, you'll also be looking at adjusting timers or other tools for providing plants with light/dark cycles that help control their biological growth.

Nutrient Mixes

After you've made sure that plants are getting the right kind of general nutrients, you'll want to keep looking at what kinds of nourishment will sustained them the right way. For example, you may experiment with slightly different nutrient packages over several plant cycles, to see what gets your plants to grow best.

You'll also want to start looking at other emergency provisions that ensure that plants are getting what they need in their diet. One of the most common ones is called foliar feeding. Here, you fill spray bottles with a nutrient-rich water mixture and spray it directly onto plants. Plants take in this mixture through small glands on their stems.

Look for the best nutrient packages sold by retailers that are already pre-formulated for good plant growth, and continue experimenting until you find the ones that are right for your crops.


Another issue at the intermediate level is providing good sanitation in the plant environment.

Debris and dead organic matter can harbor bacteria that can damage or kill plants. You want to have ways to keep your grow room or grow box free of this kind of detritus. One way is to prune dead parts off of plants, and easily remove this material from the plant environment.

These are some of the issues you can deal with as you continue learning about hydroponics to become a better grower. Check out all of what you can get at Dealzer with 1500 pieces of equipment to help you prepare to become a master of hydroponics management.

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