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Grow Box Shopper's Guide


Those who are looking for a hydroponic grow box need to think about various key points to get the right solutions for their home or commercial gardening projects. Here's some of what lots of shoppers look at as they research different models from various retailers.


Shoppers have to look at the hydroponic lighting that comes with a grow box, and whether it has the right intensity and spectrum for plants. They also have to look at how it gets adjusted, in order to anticipate getting light to every plant inside the box, especially if the grow area will be tight, and plants will be competing for light.

Easy Installation and Operation

It's also important to look at how easy the system will be to set up, and how accessible it will be for routine maintenance. These are big details that will influence your growing results quite a bit, so look at the structure of the box and how you will assemble it when it's been shipped to your door.

Lock and Key Systems

Lock and key systems are crucial for grow boxes, in order to prevent unauthorized access. Shoppers may also look at other security features like carbon filter odor blockers.

Power Source

Another good tip is to look at the power draw for a hydroponic box and the various options that you have to connect it to a power source. Although many growers use a conventional power grid, others attach hydroponic grow boxes to solar batteries, generators or other systems when they are not on the grid or want more specialized energy sources.

Number and Size of Plants

Shoppers always need to look at boxes that are appropriate for that number of plants and the size of plants that they want to grow. You don't want the plants to outgrow their environment as they reach maturity. Take some measurements of grow box and plan accordingly.


Obviously, price is also a major factor. Shoppers can look at seasonal sales and other opportunities to get the box that they want at a price that they can afford.

Advanced Features

One more thing that is often part of the hydroponic shopping process is looking at advanced features for monitoring and making hydroponic growing less labor-intensive. For example, some shoppers look for temperature, humidity and pH value adjustment features that can add automation to a grow box and may even include things like alerts to a smartphone.

For more, check out the full range of grow boxes available at Dealzer, where we have over 1500 pieces of equipment for growers, much of it backed by a full three year warranty. Happy gardening!

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