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Grow Hydroponic Jerusalem Artichokes


Are you looking for something obscure to fit conveniently into the corner of your hydro garden? What about Jerusalem artichokes?

This crunchy tuber has an interesting history and an interesting name, where historians see this root vegetable working off of a combination of the Hebrew “Jerusalem” and Spanish “girasole”. The Jerusalem artichoke is actually related to the sunflower, and its taste and texture have been enjoyed by many successive generations across various societies and cultures. The Jerusalem artichoke also doesn't have any starch which is great for diabetic.

Here are some tips for growing Jerusalem artichokes in hydroponics:

Plant in Pieces

Lots of growers use small pieces of the root vegetable to germinate. Cut two or three sections that each have a node for growth.

Plant 10 cm Deep

One more common tip is to submerge a piece about 10 cm in different types of grow media.

Look for a Perfect Grow Medium Solution

Many growers use relatively coarse and high draining media for these kinds of root artichokes. These would include certain types of clay pellets and coco coir, as well as things like gravel and aquarium sand.

Choose an Irrigation Method

Certain types of grow systems cater to plants like the Jerusalem artichoke. Some of these are flood and drain systems, where the plants just get submerged in water for short periods of time every day. A drip irrigation system can also be useful where nutrient film technique systems and other kinds of thin client setups uses just a thin channel of water. These systems help you grow plants like Jerusalem artichokes as well as other diverse plants such as greens, herbs, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and other types of plants.

Watch for Root Rot

Don't let these items in water for too long of a time. You could see root rot start to develop on the surface of the Jerusalem artichokes. Look for this as a particular grow problem.

Harvest Four Weeks After Flowering

Jerusalem artichokes thrive in dry conditions. Think about how these will be stored for long time use.

For more about these interesting plants, and a wide range of other things you can grow hydroponically, check out the Dealzer website. We like to talk about the biggest opportunities and the biggest challenges for growers around the world. Check out our thousands of pieces of equipment and all of the advice and help that we offer on social media and on our blog.

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