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How Can You Make The Most Out Of Environmental Controllers?


Environmental controllers are an important part of indoor gardening equipment and supplies. They help gardeners to organize and automate their hydroponics garden with improved efficiency and scalability. These environmental controllers are one of several successful 3D printing business ideas introduced and launched in the market.

Proper management of your indoor garden's environment through these controllers is crucial for the growth and success of your indoor plants. Unstable temperatures or excessive moisture in the garden can harm your indoor plants. Therefore, you need to constantly adjust the moisture levels, nutrients and temperature of your plants with the help of adequate controllers and gardening supplies.

In this article, we will discuss how you can really use environmental controllers to boost yields in your indoor garden.

Why Investin Environmental Controllers?

When you plant your garden outdoors, there is always an element of uncertainty as you have little or no control over the growth or nourishment of your plants. Therefore, many people prefer to grow them indoors as it is easier to control and manage their environment for a better yield.

Nevertheless, having complete control over your indoor garden can be quite challenging as it requires frequent monitoring and maintenance. At times, many people find it hard to invest their time for doing so.

Therefore, many home gardeners rely on environmental controllers for their indoor gardens. All you need to do is simply plug in your equipment, set your system according to your desired environmental conditions, and your environmental controller will do the rest of the job for you.

Functions of Environmental Controllers

Environmental controllers are of various types and configurations. They can either be as simple as a fan or as complex as a light controller to control the moisture, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels of your plants. Many environmental controllers are fully automated that can monitor your plants for you.

Therefore, whether you are looking for simple or fully automated environmental controllers, it is possible to find one according to your needs and budget. Simpler controllers are designed to control the moisture and temperature levels of a growing room, whereas, more advanced controllers can even adjust the CO2 levels and pH levels of the water.

Types of Environmental Controllers

Timers as well as readers are an integral part of auto controllers that help to adjust the environment of an indoor growing room.Timers on one hand help gardeners to adjust the timings for giving light or nutrition to the plants.A basic timer can cost you around $10, whereas more expensive ones are more durable and accurate.

A reader on the other hand, can give you information of a particular aspect of an indoor growing environment. More simpler readers can tell the humidity as well as the temperature levels of your indoor garden. More advanced features of a reader includemeasuring the moisture levels and CO2 content in the environment.

Although there are different types of environmental controllers available in the market, they can be broadly categorized into two categories i.e. single and multiple purpose environmental controllers.

Single PurposeControllers

Single purpose controllers are designed to perform a particular functionsuch ascontrolling the temperatures of a heat mat or managing the CO2 levelsor pH levels for your growing room.

Multi Purpose Controllers

MultiPurpose Controllers are ideal for those who wish to automate various functions of their growing room. Unlike single purpose controllers, multi purpose controllers can perform multiple functions at a single time.

Such devices are mostly preferred for those gardeners who have bigger gardens and cannot monitor them on a daily basis. These controllers can be a bit challenging to operate, as they come with more complex features than a single purpose controller.

However, many models of multi purpose controllersaredesigned to operate like a single purposecontroller.Try to consider the size of your growing area when selecting a controller for your garden. For example, a four unit environmental controllerwill be more suitable for a smaller growing area.

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