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How Dealzer can help with your 'Stealth Grow'


Are you trying to grow hydroponic plants without anyone getting into your business?

Stealth hydroponics is actually a very popular type of gardening. There are multiple reasons why someone might want to provide privacy for a garden. Many of them deal with the challenges of a multi-use space, where a hydroponic garden might be in a corner of a room that's also used for business, everyday living or other uses.

At Dealzer, we understand the value and popularity of a stealth garden. We offer our growers options to help a hydroponic garden fit into a room and become very inconspicuous there.

Stealth Boxes

First and foremost, Dealzer offers stealth boxes that gardeners can use to prevent a garden from standing out in a room or space. For example, some of our boxes look just like a personal computer shell, so that the plants can be hidden and under lock and key while they are growing. These and other kinds of stealth boxes are popular with some of our most experienced growers who know that tampering and unauthorized access can really harm plants.

Odor Filters

Another big issue with stealth systems is the aromas or odors that come out of the grow space. Dealzer offers comprehensive carbon filters for closed grow boxes to help keep everything sanitary and clean, and prevent grow odors from escaping into the common room or space.


Another aspect of stealth boxes is trying to minimize the work that growers have to do inside the box. With a less invasive system, growers spend less time trying to access their gardens. Automation tools can consist of temperature and humidity controllers, tools for pH value and total dissolved solids, automated lighting cycles and much more. All of these tools have one thing in common -- they cut down on the labor necessary to maintain a garden throughout a given plant cycle.

Energy Needs

Dealzer also offers a variety of grow systems with energy sources. This can be important when you have a limited number of options to work inside of a building. For example, hydroponic off-the-grid systems allow plants to grow without being connected to a larger electronic utility provider.

Look for these and much more at Dealzer’sproduct catalog. With over 1500 pieces of equipment, we truly outfit growers what they need to succeed. Take a look and happy gardening!

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