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How much start up cash do you need to start with Hydroponics?


How much cash do you need to start a hydroponics project? What a personal question! Okay, so that’s something newcomers are going to ask about. First of all, how much money you'll need to get started depends quite a lot your own personal vision for your project, and the goals and objectives that you've set. You can get a much more affordable small project kit that doesn't have the bells and whistles, and may not provide as much automation -- or you can get more sophisticated systems that are going to last you longer in the field.

Some Basic Considerations

Let's talk about the ballpark numbers on the money that you'll need to get started with a small commercial project.

Like anything else, hydroponics requires equipment and materials. You'll need the fundamental growing infrastructure, which is a tray table or other place where plants will be kept. You need a reservoir and a pump for many popular types of hydroponics setups – or you will need other ways to get water to plants. You'll also need those bulk items, like plant seeds and sterile media, that fall under the category of materials -- they'll be recurring purchases that you'll make as you go along.

Provisions for Photosynthesis

You'll also need specific hydroponic grow lighting, and that can cost you a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand dollars, depending on what you get. You'll need to know that you have the right light intensity and light spectrum for plants. You may also need timers or other accessories to help provide light/dark cycles for your crops.

Another recurring purchase that you'll make is hydroponic nutrients. You want to look for good bulk deals on nutrient packages that have the major elements like nitrogen, phosphorous, and calcium in the right abundance for your plants.

Funding Hydroponics

At the end of the day, for all of these items, you're looking at a few thousand dollars. No, you don't need $35,000 or more to start out in hydroponics. You won't need to spend the kind of money that entrepreneurs spend on restaurant equipment or on other common kinds of new businesses that need a lot of equipment. But you will need several thousand dollars for all of those materials and pieces of equipment that will get you the right atmosphere to start churning out fresh produce for your customer base

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