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How to build a "Hydroponics System" with Recycled Goods


Recycling is all the rage right now – we’re all trying to lower our carbon footprints and that includes recycling materials. But how do you apply this to hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a great area in which to use recycled products. It's essentially a type of project that's all about using natural resources, and it's a versatile project, one where a little creativity can go a long way. Here are some of the best ways to integrate recycling into a hydro project.

Composite Materials

When it comes to using recycled materials in hydroponics, one of the most common strategies is to get your hands on recycled composite materials to build areas of the hydroponics setup. For instance, a long horizontal tray table used in an ebb and flow system can be fully made of recycled material. Ditto for the tubes and piping and other materials to feed nutrient-rich water to plants. A reservoir can be made of composite as well.

These materials are not flaky, soft, weak materials. New types of recycled composite can really stand up well to multiple plant cycles and stand the tests of time in a hydroponic garden.

Organic Media

You can also choose organic and sustainable grow media to complement the recycled composite materials you're using for other parts of the grow system. Items like coco coir, clay pellets and rockwool are in demand for a reason, because they're not made from processed products, but from natural ones that provide organic approaches.

Renewable Energy Sources

These days, growers have a lot to choose from when it comes to power sources for hydroponic gardens. Solar is taking the place of conventional coal generated energy, and you can see that work in modern hydroponics systems.

Recycled Media: A Radical Approach

Some growers actually use recycled materials for plant media. The trick is that material has to be sterile to work well. Read up on this before trying the somewhat radical approach to hydro.

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