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How to Correctly Set Up Your Grow Lights for Maximum Efficiency


Setting up grow lighting for plants is an important matter. Getting this right is a major part of producing vibrant, healthy plants and abundant harvests. So how do you set up your grow lights in the best ways?

Dealing with grow lights involves understanding how these elements of your grow room interact with plants. Here are some ways to succeed in setting up grow lights for great plant growth.

Choose LED or Metal Halide/High-Pressure Sodium Lighting Varieties

One of the big choices that you have to make is between light emitting diode or LED grow lights and other types of traditional grow lights. One of the main differences is that LED lights don't generate a lot of heat.

In some cases, growers are using the grow lighting to provide part of the heating for a grow box, so they'll want this heat. But in other cases, it throws off the balance, which is why LEDs can be incredibly valuable.

Light Positioning

If you are using traditional lighting, you'll want to make sure that lights are not too close to plants. Some grow lighting can actually burn plants -- you'll see brown leaf tips or other signs of excessive heat.

Other Temperature and Humidity Issues

Think about the output of your grow lights in terms of heat. Will they dry up the grow room and reduce the humidity? Where humidity is important, you'll need to look at the extent to which lighting changes the atmosphere inside the grow room.

Adjustable Lighting

It may be a good idea to invest in adjustable lighting where you could lower it or raise it to meet plants’ needs. In some cases, this ends up being useful, especially if plants are growing vertically and they end up getting too close to the grow lights.

Reflective Materials

Growers also use reflectors or other reflective materials inside a grow box to distribute light evenly. Some plants are what growers call “corner plants” - they hide in the corners of a box, and might not get the right amount of light without a specific distribution system. Growers may also use common strategies like sea of green or screen of green, which may also require their own lighting approaches.

These are some ways to make sure the your grow lighting is working the right way for you. For more, go to Dealzer and check out all of our resources for a worldwide growing community. We help our clients to achieve success in this innovative gardening world.

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