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How to grow Chilies with Hydroponics


Different types of pepper varieties referred to as ‘chilies’ are one of the most popular plants to grow in a hydroponics setup. These plants are decorative, but they're also edible, and as a small type of plant, they're an attractive choice for hydroponic gardens.

Here are some things to think about when farming these types of hot little peppers.

Clean, Cold Water

Like other hydroponic plants, your chilies are going to benefit from high-quality water that's kept at a low temperature. There are multiple reasons for this -- first of all, colder water inhibits the growth of certain kinds of bacteria. It can be effective against different types of blight. It also provides more oxygenation. As for water quality, you don't want to just use any old tap water. You want it to be as low chlorinated as possible. You want it to be softer water, and it should be relatively free of contaminants.

PH value

It's also important to look at the pH value of reservoir water. It should be in a range between five and seven. Don't let the water get to extremes, or it could inhibit plant growth and plant health. You can use items like pH up and pH down to adjust as necessary.

Look out for Pests

You might not think that pest control is a big deal in hydroponics, but even in relatively shielded spaces, bugs can get in. Also, a wide range of bugs are potentially harmful to chili peppers. Aphids, white flies and fungus gnats can all be detrimental to plant health. so you need to figure out how to shield plants from bugs, whether that means not allowing them entrance, or repelling them once they're inside the system.

Choose Hydroponic Techniques

Growers who want to cultivate ornamental or edible chilies have a lot of choices. They can utilize a simple deep water culture system or go with something like a nutrient film technique system. They can use a tray table ebb and flow system or some other type of strategy to get water to plant roots. Whatever the case, make sure you have a well-rated pump and enough power to support the irrigation system of your choice.

Structural Support

Most chilies are pretty good at keeping themselves vertical, but in some cases a grower may need a supportive ladder or trellis to keep them growing in an upward direction. Think about how you would structurally support plants and keep them safe until harvest time.

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