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How to keep your Growbox in tip top condition


If you're like some of the other people who invest a lot of money in home hydroponic systems, you may be wanting how to figure out to keep these items in good condition, to someday resell them to someone else. So how does this work? How do you preserve one of these somewhat expensive pieces of equipment? Here are some tips from experienced growers that will help you keep your grow box in better condition for future plant cycles.

Monitor Temperature and Humidity

Excessive temperatures and humidity can really do a number on a grow box. Growers can keep these conditions under control, not only to maximize plant cycles, but to keep equipment from getting worn out too quickly. New systems have automated monitors, timers and other items that will help to hold temperature and humidity within normal ranges.

Pruning and Sanitation

Another great tip is to keep all kinds of debris out of the grow space as much as possible. This means pruning plants regularly and taking off dead material. Again, this serves a twofold purpose -- it helps the plant grow better, but also keeps the grow system cleaner. Other types of sanitation involve wiping down plant tray surfaces, in order to prevent bacterial infiltration.

Look Out for Buildup

Another big thing growers have to do to keep growing systems in top condition is to really be vigilant about buildup. Whether it's inside the reservoir, in tubing or on the surfaces of tray tables, algae, mold and other types of buildup can really mess up the grow system for good.

Air Circulation

It's a good idea to keep air circulating well in a grow system, to prevent the kinds of stagnation that can cause corrosion or wear. Fans and vents and other parts of the circulating system should be kept in good working order.

Do a Thorough Wipe Down After Every Plant Cycle

One of the biggest reasons that grow boxes can get really dirty and grimy is that growers keep using them over and over, without cleaning them. Getting a grow box clean after a plant cycle allows you to reset the grow environment back to zero, and over time, keep the grow box looking better. You can use conventional chemicals or natural items like vinegar to really scour the areas around plant pots, the inside of the reservoir and other sensitive areas.

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