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How to Make a Grow Tower out of PVC


Sometimes you see those neat, sleek white designs that other growers have set up, and you wonder where you have to go to get those well-crafted towers with the little holes for plant pots that are cut diagonally into the PVC pipe. Well, the good news is that you'll have to go anywhere to buy them - you can easily make them yourself. The key is knowing how to manipulate the PVC in a way that will give you a good final result.

Here are some basic steps perfecting the process of creating a grow tower out of PVC pipe.

Mark the Pipe

One way to create a polished, professional design is to mark the pipe first, so that the holes are precisely the same distance apart from each other. 5 or 6 inches is a good rule of thumb.

Cut the Pipe

Using a hack saw, cut a slot in the pipe that's roughly 1/3 of the pipe’s diameter. You can adjust this according to the size of the plant pots and the size of your PVC pipe.

Sand the Edges

Sanding the edges of the cut takes care of any loose debris and again, it makes the finished product look better. It doesn't really matter what grit of sandpaper you use as long as you get in and get rid of those little curling pieces that might be sticking to the edge.

Use a Small Torch on the PVC

Heat the PVC pipe up with a hand-held torch. Make sure to protect your face and hands and work evenly to prevent unsightly results.

Push in the Plant Pot Holes

Here, it’s a good idea to have some type of consistent tool handy to make the exact same size and shape of holes in the PVC. The idea is that you insert this item into the place where the PVC has been heated up, and you'll effectively change the contour of that piece so that you get those nice, smooth resting place for the pots. After this, you simply let the whole thing cool and then you have the piece of PVC with even, symmetrical holes for plant pot. You route your irrigation tubing inside and you have a very aesthetically appealing hydroponic grow tower.

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