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How to make sure your ventilation is in tip top condition


Hydroponic ventilation -- we all need it. It helps air to circulate and keeps things from getting stagnant, which can be seriously dangerous for plants. But how do you do ventilation the right way and make sure that your systems are set up to work really well?

Here are some of the tips we've heard from experienced growers that make a lot of sense in handling hydroponic ventilation.

Try Strategic Placement of Exhaust Blowers

One strategy for maximizing ventilation is to insert an exhaust blower on the inside of a grow box, angled to blow out the hotter air, while another exhaust blower blows cool air into the grow box. This, combined with an actual cooling system, can maintain good temperatures even when temperatures soar outside.

Check Cubic Feet per Minute

You want to make sure that ventilation equipment has the right rating for cubic feet per minute. This assures you that you have the power you need to route air where it needs to be within a grow box or space.

Check Wiring

It's important to make sure wiring for fans coolers and other elements is intact. This is especially important if you're doing DIY projects where you might be using small PC fans or other fans that are hand wired into a greater structure. Any time the wiring is compromised, the system is not going to work in an optimal way, and you also may be exposing yourself and your plants to dangers.

Look At Sizing for Fans

You also have to understand what's going to work with the size of your space. Take care when researching this important element of your ventilation system and make sure you get the power that you need.

Maintaining Filters

Just like any kind of ventilation system, your hydroponics system should have capable filters that will preserve the purity of the air that's going around in your space. Look for any debris or dirt clogging the filter, and evaluate the interior of the space to keep it sanitary.

Testing Processes

It's a good idea to periodically test the ventilation system while you're around. This might mean putting your hand into a compact grow box, or stepping inside a grow tent area to check out how cool air is, and how it's being circulated.

For more about how to do hydroponics, keep an eye on Dealzer as we chronicle the best practices we learn from growers all over the world.

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