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How to Put Hydroponics Into Furniture


Building hydroponics gardens into pieces of furniture is one of the biggest new trends that’s out there. People really like the idea of having a small garden growing inside of the sofa, chair or table. It's a neat conversation piece, and it's a way to turn unused space into functional space. But how do you get this going? How do you really fit a garden into a piece of furniture?

Here are some steps to achieve this innovative use of hydroponics gardening.

Enclose the Space

You want to create an interior space into the piece of furniture to put the garden into. Many people use clear, transparent items like glass or more commonly, plexiglass. This allows visitors and others to watch the garden grow while they're sitting around in the living room or wherever the furniture is placed.

Install or Source the Reservoir

One of the big questions is where you put the water that's needed to irrigate plants. If you only have a couple of plants, you may be able to put a small reservoir inside the actual furniture space. If not, you're going to need to run your irrigation tubing into the piece of furniture, and that speaks to a concern that we’ll address below.

Place Plant Pots

You'll need to figure out where to put the plants within the space, also fitting in specialized grow lights, unless you have an amazing amount of light in the room already. You need to think about the height that the plants will grow to when you design new systems, so you don't have cramped and strained grow cycles.

Making It Portable

There are really two ways to go here. The first one involves trying to make the garden as portable as possible, so that you can move the furniture when it’s necessary. Here, you may be able to source everything for a smaller garden inside of the furniture space. Another way to do this is with a state-of-the-art closed grow box that will fit inside the space.

The other option is to run cables for power, water and other needs into the space, and kind of mark the furniture as less portable or not to be moved as long as the garden is operational.

Either way, you have to think about this issue when designing your hydroponic furniture.

These are some basic steps for getting hydroponic gardens into furniture. For more, take a look at the Dealzer web page -- we detail many of the neat and interesting hydroponic ideas that we see growers using to feed a new generation of people with local, fresh produce.

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