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How to Set Up an Ebb and Flow System


Ebb and flow systems are popular in some parts of the hydroponics world. These systems allow for hydroponic growth with artificial cycles of flooding and drainage. This is an effective way to nourish plant roots and to keep plants healthy on their way to maturity and harvest.

Here are some basic steps for designing and implementing one of these innovative hydro systems.

Most ebb and flow systems are set up in horizontal trays. Plant pots rest in the top of the tray, with space underneath for the temporary flooding that occurs. You can make your trays of anything, but they're most often made out of aluminum or some simple metal, or PVC or composite.

Place Plant Pots

You’ll want containers full of sterile media for plant roots to rest in. There should be holder apertures that allow plant roots to extend down into the bottom of the tray table. You may need specific kinds of fasteners or hooks to hold the plant pots in place.

Install the Reservoir

Underneath the tray table, there will be a hydroponic reservoir with a pump in it. This can be as simple as filling a large plastic bin and installing the pump with access to the electrical energy source.

Route Pump Up To the Tray Table

You'll need to extend tubing from the pump up into the bottom of the tray table, in order to provide for the ebb and flow cycle. You’ll also need to install an overflow valve that will take excessive inundation and relay it back down into the reservoir.

Set Up Flood Cycles

With the structure for the ebb and flow system in place, you’ll have to figure out how often to get the pump to run the water up to the tray. The idea behind ebb and flow is that plans get carbon dioxide resources when the water forces the air out, and oxygenation when the air comes back in drainage. Try a test to figure out how well this works.

These are some of the basic steps to implementing an ebb and flow system in a hydroponic garden. You have to make sure that plants have access to the right nutrient materials as well as the right lighting, and the right temperature, humidity and pH value for growth. For more, take a look at Dealzer and everything we offer to beginning growers.

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