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How to Stay Clean in Hydro


We talk a lot about hydroponics plant growth, but what about the grower? What about tools and resources for helping yourself to feel better and enjoy less of a mess while you're caring for plants? These steps can help you set up a hydroponic garden that you have more fun with.

Finger and hand protection

No, hydroponic gardens aren't like briar patches, but they can result in the grower's hands getting dirty. Some retailers actually sell individual finger protectors that help growers to contend with stickiness or other problems with plant residue that they handle. Full gloves can also help, for example, when you're handling nutrient residue attached to pipes or other parts of the system.

Hats and hairnets

In some cases, you might also want to be wearing a hat or a hair net or beard net. This is especially true if you have plants that are either very tall, or situated high on tables. Eventually when you’re working around these plants, you can get dirt or debris in your face or raining down on your head.

Protective goggles

As with other kinds of physical processes, protective goggles can help to keep the eyes safe. They'll help you keep plant debris out of your eyes, and they can also help when you're going into very intense hydroponic environments with a lot of humidity, chemicals or anything else.

Using plastic sheeting

Sometimes you’ll be going into hydroponic gardens that have the humidity set high. This might not be the most comfortable environment for you.

One way to deal with this is by setting a plastic sheeting between plant rows. Here, the plants will have more of that hot humid air they enjoy, and you'll be able to work in more comfort. This type of setup can also help plans to adjust or what you're doing if you are using supplemental feeding with mist or water vapor.

These are some basic steps toward making sure that you and your plants are all comparable during a hydroponic crop cycle. For more, check out what Dealzer offers to the worldwide community of growers. We provide thousands of pieces of gear -- with full warranties and guarantees of satisfaction. We help growers to really achieve and make the most of the money that they spend on hydroponics.

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