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Is Hydroponic Food Healthier?


Sometimes when you get a question like this, you just have to shake your head. Yes, hydroponic food is healthier. But to understand why, you have to look very closely at our society and how we consume food, and the distribution systems that we use.

The Herbicide Problem

Shopping in the supermarket has become increasingly tricky in the past few years.

First, food distribution businesses came up with the organic label, saying that organic means the food wasn't sprayed with any pesticides or herbicides. This was after finding that high levels of these chemicals can cause health problems. So then the media started telling people to avoid what they called the “dirty dozen” -- foods that intake a lot of herbicides into their inside areas, like peppers, peaches and cauliflower.

Now, others are saying that in fact, there aren't unsafe levels of herbicides in conventional produce. This leaves consumers not really knowing what to believe. It's been documented that in some cases, produce distributors are shipping food with herbicide levels over the allowed limits designated by USDA. That's enough for a lot of people to buy organic, despite what anyone will tell them. After all, you can't test the food in the supermarket -- there's no way to know.


Herbicide is only one of the issues with supermarket food distribution. Food manufacturers that process fresh fruits and vegetables have to ship these items over the country, and all over the world. So they use various processes that might not really be that good for you.

For example, did you know that lettuce and other greens are put under a process of radiation before shipping? It helps to keep them fresher -- but what does all this processing really do? People who have questions often start buying foods that are grown locally instead -- and the local food movement is born.


It costs a lot of money to ship all of that produce around the country, and it costs a lot of money for supermarkets to maintain the very pleasant experiences that we have when we are shopping in their stores. So that cost is passed on to the customer. That's not to mention all the money spent driving around to stores.

The Hydroponics Difference

With hydroponics, you cut out the middleman. You grow food right in your backyard, or in a corner of your home or business. You harvest when you want to and you use what you harvest, and you skip the trips to the store. When you want to eat something, you don't go buy and pay for it – you pluck it off of the vine and eat it.

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