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Moon Dust Review


Moon Dust nutrients are an easy way to provide plants with the range of good materials for growth. These common grow packages are easy to use, and include a specific 19-8- 13 formula for comprehensive plant growth.

Features of Moon Dust Nutrients

Moon Dust products are water-soluble for soil or hydroponics projects. They are easy for beginners to use, but they also offer a time-tested formula for professional gardening. Manufacturers have packed lots of beneficial organisms into these products as well as flavor enhancers and elements to bulk plants up for harvests.

Moon Dust Fungus Ingredients

Moon Dust includes some beneficial fungi for plan development. There are also different types of good bacteria for plant growth, as well as other elements that provide symbiotic nourishment for plants. In terms of primary nutrients, Moon Dust includes a lot of calcium and magnesium, which helps plants to develop stronger cell walls and ward off certain kinds of pests.

Other Ingredients

Moon Dust also includes various carbohydrates for plants as well as humic acid, an element seen in nature, and other additional vitamins as well as elements like Silica Blast and Kelp Meal. This balance helps keep plants pH stabilized and improves the “chelation” process, which is the process of digesting nutrients.

There's a reason that many retailers ship Moon Dust nutrients with different kinds of hydroponic kits. Although nutrient solutions are not at all one-size-fits-all type of solution, Moon Dust works with a wide variety of projects and has helped a lot of growers to fine-tune their systems.

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