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Taking Advantage of Dealzer "Rewards Program"


Want to get even more savings when buying affordable hydroponics equipment? Now you can take advantage of Dealzer’s unique rewards saving program. This new rewards program is meant to give back to our best customers -- those who come back again and again as they scale up their hydroponics projects, and growers who really get into the process of managing a garden and outfitting it correctly.

How does it work? With this rewards program, Dealzer has joined the ranks of those companies that offer points or cash back for purchases or participation.

First, you create a customer account on the site, which is easy as putting in basic contact information. Then you start to accrue reward points. You get 200 points just for opening the account, and one participation point for every dollar of equipment that you purchase.

We've also used the program to promote participation through social media -- when you share the website on Facebook, you get 100 participation points. Sharing on the Twitter platform gets you another hundred points. It helps us, and it helps you – we understand that our “influencers” are really helpful in allowing us to have more visibility on the web, and to offer our quality products to a larger audience.

You can use these points toward any of the thousands of hydroponic products we have in our online catalog. The rewards program helps make your money go further, to assist growers who are looking for specific solutions. Whether you're a first-time grower or a seasoned professional, we have what you need to nurture plants and improve garden outcomes. Take a look at all of the gear and equipment we offer, as well as informational resources on the site such as forums, blog posts, how-to guides and more. Remember, we stand behind our products with warranties and satisfaction guarantees, as well as lifetime support. Get what you need to start creating vibrant harvests today.

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