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Temperature control inside of your Growbox


Any experienced grower knows that temperature in a grow box is an extremely big deal. It's one of those basics that you often deal with before tackling other more sophisticated aspects of growth, such as carbon dioxide levels and nutrient packages. Temperature is key, because plants respond to it in many different ways to influence their maturity and the results you'll see at harvest time.

So how do you control the temperature inside your grow box?

In the most basic sense, you use the right equipment like fans for air circulation and you set the thermostat correctly. But here are some other techniques to make sure that temperature stays in good range for your hydroponic plants.

Light at Night

One of the big problems with some grow box setups is that daytime temperatures get too hot and start to influence the temperature inside the box. In combination with the light being thrown off by grow lights, this creates a daily heat wave for plants that can interfere with their growth.

The solution here is to light plants at night, and keep the room dark during the day. This has certain similarities to different IT practices used to cool hardware and electronics, where a technique called “lights out management” or LOM keeps servers and other machines in the dark to preserve a lower temperature. Setting light cycles at night can be a good way to keep cooling more natural for hydroponic pants and a grow box system.

Using Air or Water Cooled Lights

Hydroponic plants can also suffer from burn, if the grow lights are set too hot or set too close to plants. Growers can use various types of air or water lighting, to make sure that the lights inside a box aren’t heating up the interior too much. These items can be pricy, but they can be a good solution for keeping exactly the right temperature inside the grow box.


When external heat is having an effect and there is a problem, insulation can be another good trick. Just like in a home, grow box insulation can preserve good, stable temperatures inside a grow box, helping growers to save money on electricity and keep plants better supported for harvest.

Frozen Water Bottle

This is something that a lot of growers do, and it’s a fairly low-tech solution. It doesn't involve buying pricy equipment -- in fact, you can do it with just a couple of empty soda bottles and some ice.

The idea is to fill the empty bottles with water, set them in the freezer and wait till they freeze. Then take them out and put them inside the grow box. The cold air will radiate and keep plants cool for a time. But just like your homemade cooler that you take on vacation, the frozen water bottle trick only works for a specific number of hours, so keep an eye on replenishing this simple solution when necessary.

These are some of the ways that growers can help to cool or preserve temperature in a grow box. Get more from this compelling article from High Times and visit the Dealzer product web site to learn more about everything you need for hydroponics success.

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