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The "Must-Have" tools for a Hydroponic Grower


Wondering what’s in the average gardener’s toolbox? Here are a few things that are indispensable for a lot of people who are setting up and managing hydroponics projects.

pH Value Testing

pH value testing is critical for hydroponics. Plants need to stay around 5 to 7 on the pH scale, or all sorts of problems start to result. Too much acidity or alkalinity can actually kill plants. And the other thing is, reservoirs experience pH changes for a number of reasons and in fact, pH value is likely to change over time.

PH testing can be as simple as a strip of paper, or involve a much more sophisticated tool. Either way, growers have to continually keep an eye on pH value and add things to the reservoir to adjust it accordingly to keep plants in a healthy range.

Pruning Tools

Pruning is also extremely important in hydroponics. There are a number of reasons for pruning plants throughout - it helps plants to focus on breathing life into their most vibrant parts which would increase yields. It also helps prevent bacterial invasion in a grow space. But it has benefits for the grower, too -- that helps growers to see the plants better and get more access to the interior of a grow space.


Inevitably you're going to have all sorts of issues where water is going to leak out of tubing, or connections to the reservoir or other places. Having an abundant supply of an effective sealer will help growers meet these challenges and keep irrigation systems working correctly.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

You may not carry a thermometer with you, but if you're grower, you need some way to check the temperature and humidity of the grow area. These environmental factors have a big impact on how plants grow.

Goggles and Gloves

Growers can also benefit from using certain kinds of protective equipment when working around plants. Goggles are great for the light -- you have to make sure light isn't too intense for your plants, but you may also want to protect yourself, too. That's why hydroponics companies sell grow goggles and other tools. Gloves also help because dealing with vegetation can get kind of irritating to your skin. Not to mention the nutrient water and everything else.

For more, check out what manufacturers and retailers offer growers to achieve success in this type of innovative gardening.

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